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KYOKUSHIN WORLD FEDERATION  Frequently Asked Questions 

 (last updated 2010-09-06 per

Below is the list of the most common Questions asked to the Board of KWF.
In case you did not find the answer to your Question, please contact us directly.


Q: What is the status of KWF ? Is it a officially established organization / federation / company / foundation ?

A: The Kyokushin World Federation is a non-profit federation based on democratic rules.
In accordance with the law, official establishment of KWF took place in Bucharest, Romania, on August 20, 2010.
Registration process takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland. The bylaws of KWF are based on the European sports law.

Q: Is KWF open only for European countries or for countries from all over the world ?
A: The Kyokushin World Federation is open for countries from all over the world.
In fact we have already received letters with declaration of co-operation from all continents, including Asia, Middle East, Africa, North and South America.

Q: What is KWF policy in connection with the national Kyokushin Organizations ?
A: The Kyokushin World Federation has a clear policy on that, as introduced to us by Sosai Oyama.
There shall be only one representative for each country. This country representative shall be elected through democratic election, organised in the country of origin. Co-ordination of Dojo''s within his/her country is his/her own responsibility. Unless requested directly, KWF will not interfere in national affairs and will not appoint any rival country representatives, like it happened in previous organizations.

Q: Some karateka in my country wish to stay with another Kyokushin organization, however me and my dojo decided to join your organization (KWF). Is it possible to join KWF and still co-operate with other Kyokushin organizations in my country ?
A: We believe that understanding of what is the true and honest Kyokushin organization may take a lot of time. Any karateka, that is not ready to join KWF now, will be respected with his/her decision and will always be ready to join us in the future.
Yes, there is no problem for you to join KWF and still co-operate with other Kyokushin organizations within or outside of your country.

Q: What is the KWF connection to Japan ? Are there any Japanese branches, Dojos in KWF ?
A: Leaders of the Kyokushin World Federation all have studied Kyokushin, since the 60's, directly from Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, during their stay in Honbu Dojo. Sosai Oyama appointed directly Shihan Hollander, Shihan Pinero and Shihan Drewniak as his representatives in Europe. We pay special respect to the orgins of karate - Japan and the orgins of Kyokushin - Honbu Dojo. We also respect deeply Sosai Oyama''s family and everyone who wishes to work in the way that our Master taught us. We deeply wish to co-operate with the respected masters of Kyokushin in Japan. We are in contact with several Kyokushin Organizations, Shihan's and Sensei's in Japan and we are looking forward to work with them. Regular events in Japan, such as tournaments, camps and seminars are planned in the annual calendar of Kyokushin World Federation. Also, invitations of special guests from Japan are planned for the annual summer camps and seminars in our countries.

Q: What are the basic requirements to join KWF ? What are the membership fees, registration fees etc. ?
In general, no fees are required for regular KWF members. There will be a country membership fee.
There will be no Kyu registration fees at all. All KWF Instructors will receive an KWF Kyu certificate model and will make their own certificate in KWF style. Exams for all black belts, will cost 150 Euro, no matter what Dan degree you are testing.
Students who passed the examinations will receive Japanese, Mas Oyama's style certificates and black belts from the KWF.

Q: I am not sure which Kyokushin organization is the right one and what information is a fact and what is just a rumour.
I tried to contact Mr. Matsui or other staff members to talk to them, but all my attempts failed. Where can I get a reliable information ?

A: The Kyokushin World Federation is an open face type of federation. Please feel free to ask any question that is on your mind. Please feel free to call directly on the phone to any of the Board members. Goal of our organization is to spread the friendship, with an open face. In KWF we wish to be in close contact with every member and are willing to talk with you on any topics.

Q: What Kyokushin standards and syllabus is KWF using ?
A: The Kyokushin World Federation and Dojos associated with KWF will use the standard Kyokushin syllabus taught to us by Sosai Oyama. A printed version of Kyokushin Syllabus will be distributed soon.


Q: There are various European Championships organized in Europe, in the same time.
How can I recognize which is the right one ? How can I explain this to my Ministry of Sports
A: As stated in the European sports law, only the officialy registered sports organization, such as European Kyokushin Karate Organization (EKKO) has the right to organise the European Championships. Other organizations, such as IKO-Europe, Kyokushinkan etc. may organise some European and international tournaments, but this tournaments can not be reckognised by your Ministry of Sports as the E u r o p e a n  C h a m p i o n s h i p s.
Please remember that your Ministry of Sports can sponsor your national team only for the European Championships (not European Tournaments). Only EKKO and other officially recognized sport organizations have the right to organize the official Championships.

Q: I am a member of IKO1 (Matsui) / IKO2 (Midori) / IKO3 (Matsushima) / IKO4 (Tezuka) / IKO5 (Hasegawa) / IKO6 (Royama) / IFK (Arneil) (...or any other group), but I wish to participate in your events. Is this possible ?
A: Kyokushin World Federation events are open for all Kyokushin karateka, no matter what organization they belong to.
Members of KWF are also allowed to participate in tournaments, camps, seminars etc. organised by other Kyokushin and non-kyokushin organizations. Our main goal is spreading Kyokushin and your own developement. If you believe participation in other organization''s event can help you improve, you are free to do that. KWF has no objections.

Q: What tournament rules apply in KWF tournaments ?
A: Kyokushin World Federation will use the standard Kyokushin Karate rules introduced to us by Sosai Oyama.
Tournaments shall include full-contact Kumite competition, both for men and women, as well as Kata competition.


Q: Many of my competitors were cheated by the judges, when fighting in Japan. We were all disgussed with the dishonesty and the way judges were selected by the tournament committee. What is KWF policy in order to prevent from such a situation ?
A: The Kyokushin World Federation has a clear policy on that. There shall be no more then one judge from the same country judging in the same time. Additionally, whenever the competitor represents the same country, the judge shall be exchanged with another one, who represents different country than the competitor. Detailed set of rules will be announced later.


Q: I would like to record a movie / take photos of my fighters during the tournament ? Will I be allowed to do that ?
A: Of course, anybody who wishes to record a movie / take photos during the events organized by the Kyokushin World Federation, will be allowed to do that. We have nothing to hide and we believe Kyokushin needs such promotion. However, you should always remember to follow the rules of the organizer.
The goal of the events organized by KWF is to make Kyokushin more popular and spread the idea of world peace through international friendship as taught by Sosai Mas Oyama.


Q: In previous organization I was stopped from judging at the tournaments, even though my judge / referee license is still active. Will I be allowed to judge at KWF tournaments ?
A: In Kyokushin World Federation any karateka, who passes the judge test, will be allowed to judging, no matter what his age or gender is. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination.


Q: In previous organization I was impolitely told to leave the seat I was sitting at, during the tournament in Japan. I am a senior karateka and I felt seriously touched by Honbu staff's behavior. What is KWF policy on that ?
A: In the Kyokushin World Federation there will always be a place ready for a senior, as well as any other karateka, whether it is a tournament, camp or any other event. The goal of KWF is to spread the true international friendship and any impolite behavior will not be tolerated.


Q: In previous organization my competitor was told to cut his beard/mustache if he wanted to take part in the Japanese tournament. I do not understand this. What is KWF policy on that ?
A: In the Kyokushin World Federation any competitor, who has the proper karategi and belt will be allowed to take part in the tournament. His personal appearance, personal beliefs etc. is nothing the KWF will be concerned about.


Q: I am willing to join KWF. Will my grade (Kyu/Dan) be respected in your organization ?
You are welcome to join the Kyokushin World Federation no matter what grade you posses.
All Kyu grades will be accepted and recognized in our organization.
Your black-belt will also be respected in our organization, however if you wish to posess an official degree recognized by KWF, you may be asked for re-test as a formal procedure. You will not be charged any fee for that. The result depends also on your age and history. If the KWF Technical Committee decides you deserve your grade, it will be officially recognized in KWF.


Q: I have ordered black belts / membership cards in IKO1 (Matsui) / IKO2 (Midori) (or any other group), but so far I have not received them, even though it was a long time ago. Could you help me receiving them, when I join KWF ?
A: Unfortunately the fact of very late distribution of black belts and certificate in previous organisation was one of the reasons that Kyokushin World Federation was established - in order to stop this unprofessionalism. Anybody who joins KWF and needs help receiving his orders from Japan, will be offered one. Please contact us for details.

Q: My belt was taken / confiscated by Honbu staff, while taking part in Japanese tournament. It was never returned to me, even tough I asked for it. My friends had similar situations too. What does it mean ?
A: Whenever something is taken from you without your permission, we recommend you to report such a case to Police, without hesitation. No matter, where your belt, karategi or any other equipment were bought, it is your possession and in the Kyokushin World Federation, such activity is considered breaking the law. We are ashamed that something like that happens in the world of Kyokushin.


Q: I was forced to pay very expensive bills for the Japanese guests' expenses, such as: first class flight tickets, luxurious hotels, ridiculously high phone bills etc. What is your organization's policy on that ?
A: The conditions of the invitation, such as payment for the expenses of your guests should be discussed clearly in advance. In the Kyokushin World Federation we will not tolerate any actions of forcing karate members to pay for anything that was not accepted before.


Q: While visiting the Honbu Dojo in the previous organization I was not allowed to train, unless I show a written permission from my Sensei, my membership card and pay ridicilous fee for one traning. What is KWF policy on that ?
A: We believe that only a true friendship can help spreading Kyokushin around the world. While visiting our Dojos we are happy to have you as a guest, who wants to exchange the wonderful experience of Kyokushin. No permissions, membership cards and absolutely no fees will be asked from you, when visiting a foreign country dojo. Please be our guest and enjoy the training, wherever you travel.


Q: I paid money for: tournament /camp/judge course participation fee, accommodation, certificates etc. and never received any receipt. This receipt is necessary to reimburse from the funds of the Ministry of Sports in my country. Will KWF provide receipts for my payments ?
A: Every payment made to the Kyokushin World Federation will be registered and confirmed with the receipt. We understand very well the necessity of receipts, in order to receive the reimbursement from the national Ministry of Sports. Receipts will be provided with no delay.


Q: While visiting Japan on private trip, I wanted to join the Honbu Dojo to take Kyokushin class, however I was rejected as according to Honbu staff I can not participate in trainings, as long as it is my private trip. What is KWF policy on that ?
A: As mentioned before, while visiting our Dojos we are happy to have you as a guest, who wants to exchange the wonderful experience of Kyokushin. As long as you have a vaild visa to visit the country you wish to take part in training, you will be warmly welcomed.


Q: While taking part in trainings of Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, I was said that I can not contact some certain persons or I am not allowed to meet a person of opposite sex. A female friend of mine was rejected from participation in trainings at all. What is KWF policy on that ?
A: According to the teachings of Sosai Oyama, in KWF we truely believe that no race or sex discrimination should be tolerated at all. In any of KWF Dojo's men and women are equally allowed to take part in the classes.
Moreover, your private contacts and private life is nothing the KWF will be concerned about.

Q: While training in Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, I was told that I am not allowed to go an see the K-1 tournament. I do not understand this. What is KWF policy on this ?
A: As mentioned before, your private life is no matter of interest to the Kyokushin World Federation. You are free to go and see any event, concert or whatever you wish to see. Nobody should interfere in your private time.

Q: In my Dojo, apart from Kyokushin, we also teach other karate style / kickboxing / judo / aikido etc. In previous organization I was told by Honbu staff I am not allowed to do that. What is KWF policy on that ?
A: As mentioned before, all we care for is your personal development and wish to spread Kyokushin. If you believe such activity can help promote your Dojo or help you in your own development, you are free to do it.

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